Mobile Cannabis Trimming + Processing

Servicing recreational and medical growers and craft cultivators. Trimming, processing, concentrates and more, right at your door.  Don't waste your time - call Trim Time! Call us today to discuss your need and how we can help.



Wow...big or small these guys will take care of you...very professional courteous service! Thank you very much! Fab people with a fab service! Greg

Dependable and honest, you can trust them completely. Arlene

Great people and a great service. Thank you so much Shawn and Jolene! Super knowledge and friendly. They will save you hours. Cheers! Jordan

Great people do great job..highly recommend Jeff

Very professional people, sure saved me hours of scissor work. I am happy with the results. I will surely recommend them. Thanks again. Saved me a lot of TRIM TIME. Rick

What an excellent job. They saved me weeks of trimming. Their professional machines produced a premium quality trim and at a great rate. They're professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and artists in their craft.

Highly recommended! Thanks for your outstanding work! Michael

Trim Time Mobile Unit
about US

We are Shawn and Jolene - the owners and operators of Trim Time Inc..  We have spent the last 20 years growing our own fruits, vegetables and medical cannabis.  We started trimming our cannabis by hand and have spent many long nights trimming our plants, which led us to invest in a professional trimming machine. 

We have spent countless hours getting educated and honing our skills to be able to offer the best service we can. We offer cannabis bucking, trimming, hash and rosin pressing to others at a fair price to reduce trim time considerably.   Don't waste your time - Call Trim Time!


Shawn & Jolene Morris